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We buy used cars Australia wide and have locations in Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

We’re ready to buy your car with No Fuss!

Done Deal Australia was established to help people sell their cars quickly, fairly and with no time wasted.

We recognise that when it comes to selling your car, you either need to go to a second-hand dealer and hope for the best, or try and sell it yourself, which means a lot of leg work. Going through the drawn-out ordeal of listing your car, talking to endless tyre-kickers, waiting for people who never show up… the process can be daunting and take weeks or months, and at the end of it you’re still not guaranteed a fair price or the sale of your car.

That’s why we established Done Deal. No dodgy automated assessments. No change from the original offer without good reason. We buy cars for cash – quickly, professionally and at a fair price. It’s our mission to provide a smart and seamless way you can sell your car, get the offer you deserve and move on.


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