So, you’ve decided to trade in your wheels and upgrade to something that’s snazzy, powerful and turns heads. But how do you actually go about handing over the keys and what does the selling process look like? Well, if a private sale is on the horizon, then you may have a bit more work cut out for you than first expected. Think research, haggling, test drives, paperwork and more. Read on as Done Deal gets to the bottom of why selling your car privately is a hassle in today’s competitive market.

It requires time & effort

Nothing happens over night and one of the biggest hassles with selling a car privately is that it requires a lot of time and effort. Think about it, you’ll be taking care of everything, from pricing to advertising, inspections to paperwork plus so much more. If you’re already juggling a busy schedule, then be prepared to find yourself with less and less free time as the weeks tick by. And there’s no guarantee that a sale will even eventuate!

You’ll have to deal with strangers

This can be a good thing and a bad thing, but mostly bad. Flaky buyers are part and parcel with private sales and unfortunately there’s very little that you can do about it. People will show interest at first and then pull out later down the track. Maybe it’s during the initial phase before you even meet, or well after when that final handshake feels oh so close. Either way, working with people that you don’t know can be tricky and brings with it many challenges. You’ll also need to prepare for an onslaught of the following questions:

  • Why are you selling?
  • What condition is the car in?
  • Are there any faults?
  • Will you accept a lower price?
  • How many owners has the car had and what is the mileage?
  • When does the roadworthy certificate expire?

Know that you’ll need to haggle in order to get the best result, but you can’t overdo it. Being a master salesperson requires a lot of skill, which is just another reason why going it alone can be difficult to say the least.

Get ready for the test drive

There’s plenty of risk involved in selling your car privately, particularly when it comes to the dreaded test drive. Most people will expect to go for a spin around the block (and that’s totally fine), but what if they have a bingle while getting used to the gearbox? Or what if they scratch your neighbour’s hot-rod on the way out the drive? It’s also important to ensure that they don’t just drive off into the sunset and never come back. At the very least, take down their contact information and snap a photo of their license. Better yet, accompany them for the ride to make sure everything goes to plan. If you’re uncomfortable going it alone, feel free to bring in a co-pilot; a trusted friend or relative is always a great option.

Tip: check that your insurance policy will hold up if someone else is behind the wheel.

Beware of scammers!

Make sure that the person who will be taking old faithful off your hands is trustworthy enough to actually cough up the cash. Private sales can get dicey when it comes to the pointy end of things so always do a background check and remember to follow your gut instinct. In other words, never hand over the keys before you receive payment. Understanding this will keep you safe and ensure that everything runs smoothly – just like your car.

Quick tips to avoid risk:
  • Write down the other person’s contact information and take a picture of their license
  • Do a background check by searching their social media accounts
  • Never hand over the keys before being paid
The paperwork is boring

Completing the paperwork is the final piece of the puzzle and you guessed it, it’s not much fun. Nevertheless, this is a crucial part of selling your car privately and something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Ensure that all of the official documents are ready to go so that the buyer can inspect things for themselves. You’ll need to provide a roadworthy certificate and a transfer of registration form at the very least. Don’t forget to bring a pen also, because there’ll be plenty of signing to do. It’s tedious work but it has to be done.

Make the process easier

Selling your car privately may net you a few extra dollars but it brings with it a bunch of hassles that are time consuming, boring and downright stressful. So, if doing the hard work yourself doesn’t seem like such a great idea, then feel free to get in touch with the team at Done Deal. We make selling your vehicle easy, quick and stress free. Simply submit your details, wait for an offer, agree with the sale and then sit back as we collect your car and drop off the pretty pennies. Contact our Australian team by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or drop us a line on 1800 3325 3663 if you live in ACT/NSW and 1800 366 333 for all other states.